Instant cash on your account statement – how do you get such a commitment?


Growing competition means that parabanks must offer their customers more and more attractive conditions.

The loan services market in the country is developing at an extremely fast pace. New loan companies are constantly emerging that tempt their clients with increasingly better online loan propositions. Such huge popularity of online loans depends primarily on flexible terms of granting them and quick procedures. It is not necessary to provide earnings certificates or fill out tons of documents. Who can get a payday on your account statement? What amounts can such loans amount to? We answer all these questions in this article. We invite you to read carefully!

Payday loan – what is that?

Payday loan - what is that?

Payday loan is a unique type of financial product that can be obtained without unnecessary formalities. It is granted via the Internet by specialized institutions for a short period, usually 30 days, but on the market you will also find a loan for 60 days. The payday loans are dedicated to all those who do not like long procedures or have no chance of getting a classic credit.

Offers of loan companies have both a number of advantages and disadvantages. The most important advantage of payday loans is, above all, a very small number of formalities – we can complete the loan application in a few minutes. The money goes to our account the same day. All formalities for applying for payday loans can be arranged without leaving home, on the Internet. An increasing number of loan companies are also organizing extremely interesting promotions, e.g. payday loans for USD 0. Then we give back exactly the same money as we borrowed.

When applying for a loan online, the customer is 100% sure that the money will go to his account very quickly. The vast majority of existing parabanks use automated, embedded loan processes. All you need to do is provide the information required in the loan form, confirm your account with a USD 1 / USD 1 transfer and it’s ready.

The huge interest in payday loans on account statements means that new companies are created all the time. Growing competition means that parabanks must offer their customers more and more attractive conditions.

The disadvantages of loans are, first and foremost, the fact that they lend relatively small amounts of money to their clients. Depending on the company from which we borrow money, we can get from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Banks can offer us much larger amounts. An additional problem when applying for payday loans can be high interest rates. Lending institutions do not verify their customers as accurately as banks, so you can find payday ID on the market. However, they protect their interests through higher interest rates and additional costs of payday loans offered. Before taking any payday loan, it is worth analyzing your current financial situation carefully. Reason and responsibility when borrowing should be a priority.

Who can apply for payday loan on the account statement?

Who can apply for payday loan on the account statement?

The instant payday statement as well as the payday payday without certificates is dedicated to all consumers who meet several basic conditions. What exact requirements must be met by those who want to receive payday pay on their account statement?

  • possession of citizenship with an identity card,

  • majority,

  • having a permanent address of residence and registered address in the Republic of the country,

  • having a account in a bank with access to the electronic,

  • having full legal capacity,

  • positive creditworthiness,

  • having a telephone number.

How much time does the bank store the customer’s account history?

How much time does the bank store the customer

At present, bank customers are increasingly deciding to opt out of traditional paper statements of the account. After logging into your account, we have full access to all information regarding our account. However, many people wonder what to do when they suddenly need confirmation of a transfer made several years ago? Of course, it would be best to print such confirmation on a regular basis, but hardly anyone remembers it. How much time do banks keep the history of the account?

If you apply for payday cash on your account statement, you will not need to confirm the history from such a long period. An extract from operations carried out in the last three months is enough.